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Update Your Bathroom for UNDER $500

Remodeling is extremely difficult and frustrating for some people. The mess, the commotion and living in limbo while it all happens. While I’ll be the first one to say that the mess and living in limbo makes my skin crawl every day that the project isn’t complete, I love remodeling and renovations SO much.

My mom will tell you that I get all my “DIY” and “Ms. Fix It” attributes from her; and she’s probably right! I mean the woman did finish all the updates on our old house, put it on the market and sold it above asking, all cash, within a week. But I digress…

When I bought my first house in 2016 it looked like this…

I probably should have started this by saying, my house was built in the 1950’s and CLEARLY wasn’t updated. I knew from the day I bought it that I would eventually update the bathroom, but always thought that I would just hire a contractor, have him come in, gut it and do the whole nine. But when COVID-19 hit and I was stuck at home for months I figured why not give it a try myself.

So, here is everything I did, what I used and the cost. DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a professional and I did a lot of research and talked to my friend who works in constructions for best methodology on how to do things.

CABINETS Sanded down all the cabinets and the cabinet doors and removed old hardware (hinges & pulls). Painted them Elegant Charcoal by ColorPlace COST: $9.84 Installed new pulls and hinges to all the cabinets COST: Pulls $14.19 ; Hinges $15.48

TILE WALLS & BATHTUB I washed and dried all the tile, then sanded down the tile with a 220 grit sandpaper, then washed away all the dust and made sure that it was dry.

I used Rustoleum Tile & Tub Refinish to paint all the tile (make sure you are well ventilate, the fumes are POTENT) COST: 3 x $23.70

TOP HALF OF WALL I removed the wallpaper, made sure there was no glue on it and gave it a fresh coat of paint Color: Pebble Grey by ColorPlace COST: $9.84

LIGHT FIXTURES The lights around the mirrors no longer worked so they needed to be replaced. I found these beautiful fixtures and love the round transparent bulbs. The light fixture in the ceiling was old and I just didn’t like it, that needed to be replaced too.

I first and foremost shut off the breaker to the bathroom because no one wants to get electrocuted. It’s a terrible feeling! I removed the old fixtures and installed the new ones. It’s surprisingly easy just match up the wires, put on the wire cap twisty things (not the proper name, OBV haha) and you’re done! COST: Vanity 2 x $20.33 ; Ceiling $10.99

COUNTERTOP You won’t believe it but I used waterproof contact paper. Easy and gets the job done. COST: $20.99

TOILET Short and sweet. Old toilet looked like an old toilet, it was time for new. Honestly, I watched this video on YouTube on how to replace your toilet and that’s how I was able to do it. It’s surprisingly super easy. COST: $99 FLOORING This was the hardest part for me. I kept going back and forth on deciding the floor color because it was the last thing that I did and I didn’t want to mess up my new bathroom with a ehh floor. Went with white marble as you can see because who doesn’t love white marble! The floor is Luxury Peel and Stick Vinyl. I have peel and stick vinyl throughout the majority of my house and it is the greatest flooring ever. Easy to keep clean and the dogs don’t destroy it! COST: 2 boxes @ $23.40

TRIM, WINDOW & DOOR The trim, window and door were all painted with a white semi-gloss paint that I got from Walmart. I added a matte black privacy handle to the door replacing the old antique looking handle. COST: Paint was $9.84 ; Privacy Handle was $12.72

MISC There’s a bunch of miscellaneous items that I bought for the bathroom as well. Shower Rod, Shower Curtain, Floating Shelves, Toilet Paper Basket, Shower Shelf, Curtain Rod and Curtain Sheers COST: $132.99 TOTAL BATHROOM UPDATE COST: $494.44

And that’s it! My bathroom went from old and outrageous to new and crisp. And I did it all myself for under $500 . I have everything I used linked here for you guys.


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